An Introduction

Most of what is written below is true or will be at some point.

My name is Mike McCool. I create images with a camera.

I had never considered myself a photographer until recently. Over the years I have taken many photographs and been generally pleased with the results. The majority were probably forgettable to all but my family and interested parties who strayed into my viewfinder.

It was only when I rediscovered an old file of color and black and white negatives a couple of years ago and began reviewing them that I realized that some images were quite pleasing to the eye, although sometimes showing a somewhat droll and cynical view of the world.

I have recently begun selling images on-line using Fine Art America Prints purchased may be matted and /or framed if desired. Postcards are also available.

The images are grouped into a number of loosely themed pages. Your comments are welcomed

The image below. "Evening Seascape, English Channel" was taken when I was 16 using a no-name non-automatic 35mm camera. I am still quite happy with the result. This was also the second image that I ever sold!


My next camera, that took me through my university years, was a Yashica 635 twin lens reflex that took both 120 film and 35mm. I bought it because there was no way that I could afford even a second hand Rolleiflex or a Nikon! I used mostly 35mm film because it was cheaper and I was surviving on a small grant! It also got me into the habit of photographing in medium tele-photo, portrait mode, a habit it took years to escape.I processed most of my own film but often could not afford to print them. It was only when I acquired a Konica Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV negative scanner a couple of years ago that I saw many of these images for the first time. The following is one of those. I titled it "Woman, Red". I am embarassed to note that I have no idea who the woman is!

Woman, Red

Since then I have used a number of film cameras, mostly from the Olympus OM series. I transitioned to digital photography about 5 years ago. This is my first digital image, taken on Race Point, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the middle of winter. It is titled "Race Point, Figure on a Beach". I used my wife's Sony Mavica (with floppy drive storage!!!).

Race Point, Figure on a Beach

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